The Music That Brings Revival by Kayode Olusoji

Friday, September 7, 2018


The Book: The Music That Brings Revival

This book describes the significant role that music has played in church ministration from time immemorial. It buttressed on the supernatural and spectacular feats that the right approach to and use of music according to biblical standards have achieved. The author, however, believed that a look at gospel music in recent times leaves much to be desired.

In the first chapter of the book, he explained how the Word of God revealed that a harp healed an insane king. He referred to how a joyful noise brought down a high wall. He wrote about how a group of singers was engaged in a battle with three nations, and how the praise songs destroyed the army of the countries. He also elucidated how two prisoners sang in prison, and there was a great earthquake that shook the foundations of the prison, broke the chains of the prisoners and opened the doors of the prison.  The music led to the salvation of the jailer as well as his household.

The Music That Brings Revival by Kayode Olusoji

In the subsequent chapters, he wrote about prayer, and he said that it is the backbone of such music that brings revival. He described the role of the Holy Spirit in music that brings about a great awakening. He talked about different categories of sins against the Holy Spirit and how these can hinder revival through music. These sins include; Grieving the Holy Spirit; Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, Lying against the Holy Spirit and Tempting the Holy Spirit.  He also considered the choice of songs that bring revival and how essential it is for us to tame our tongues as music ministers or choristers if we are longing or hungry for great resurgence through music. He described different types of unbridled tongues such as; caustic tongues, lying tongues, murmuring or complaining tongues and he admonished us to embrace praising tongues.

In the last chapter, he wrote about the everlasting musical concert, the date, the venue, and the featured artists. He also talked about the time and the type of costumes that God recommended for this concert.  He buttressed on how beautiful the venue is and how colorful the stage light is. The beauty of this concert is that it is an unending one and the date is kept as a secret by God the Father.

The Author: Kayode Olusoji

Kayode Olusoji

Kayode Olusoji is a man with the mandate to reach out to the world in songs and groom the true worshippers who will worship God in Spirit and truth. He had an encounter with God in 1996 which birth a thirst and a hunger for true revival through music. He shared his vision with the man of God, Pastor E.A. Adeboye in 1997 and on January 28th, 1999, he laid hands on him and anointed him for the work of the ministry. He has seen God moving extraordinarily through his ministry with many great testimonies.


Comments & Reviews:

“Wow! this is a must-have for every Music Minister. From the first chapter to the last loaded with vital truths. Very timely!”

Eben (Music Minister & CEO, Hammer House of Rock)

I thank and praise the Almighty God for your life and His grace upon you. I started reading “The Music That Brings Revival” about three hours ago. I could not leave it until I finished it. The truth you shared in the book is relevant to all ministers and children of God.”

Pastor Agboola (RCCG)

“This is a good book to read that redefines the role of gospel music in our society. The quality of the book print was also outstanding to ensure a good reading experience”.


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